Business School Articles on the Role of the CEO

In these articles, some of the brightest minds from the world's best business schools examine the role of the CEO; past, present and future.

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Understanding the Mobile Communications Opportunity in Africa

Anindya Ghose of NYU Stern sketches the mobile communications revolution taking place in Africa. Find out about mobile banking, mobile advertising, smartphone penetration and revenue-per-user in Africa here.

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Big Appetite: How Domestic Consumption Will Drive the Chinese Economy

Michael Spence, Stanford Graduate School of Business dean emeritus, talks about China's Twelfth 5-Year Plan (on which he advised), and China's coming transition from developing economy to middle income status. The plan is for lower annualised growth rates (still 7%), creating space for a shift in emphasis towards domestic consumption.

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6 Innovation Constraints and How to Overcome Them

David Owens of the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management identifies six innovation constraints, and explains why mastering and overcoming these constraints will help firms proactively develop innovation strategy and thereby succeed.

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How to Create a Pioneering Business Environment

Given the current rate of technology-driven change, now more than ever leaders must pioneering. They must 'inspire a collective spirit of change, challenge and action' in order see success, says Bettina Büchel of IMD.

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