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5 Ways in Which Firms Can Better Manage Political Risks

Dr Tazeeb Rajwani of Cranfield School of Management defines political risk, and outlines five ways in which companies can improve the way they manage it.

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Lessons from the Ballpark: Oversight Reduces Bias

SMU COX - From an exhaustive study capturing data from Major League Baseball, the lessons learned about oversight have implications for numerous workplace settings. When umpires weremonitored, they showed less bias in how they called strikes along ethnic lines, even...

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Developing a Risk Rating Methodology

CASS BUSINESS SCHOOL - The European Commission wishes to enhance the UCITS Directive and sought advice from the Committee for European Securities Regulators (CESR). To this end CESR published threeconsultation papers concerning the proposed Key Information Document (KID) for UCITS...

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Hedge Fund Gossip Has a Bad Side Effect

Many hedge fund managers pride themselves on the valuable morsels of information they are able to prise out of the marketplace. In this episode of Cass Talks Professor Charles Baden-Fuller, Professor of Strategy and Leader of the Strategy Group at Cass, argues...

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'Important' Hedge Fund Investment Findings

IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, Risk Management Laboratory, Centre for Hedge Fund Research - Our findings suggest that the proposed characteristics-based [hedge fund investment] strategy [based on managerial incentives, share restrictions, and the fund size] delivers significant outperformance for a real-time investor....

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