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The rapid pace of development in some countries presents companies with exciting opportunities. And many firms are also fairly familiar with tensions hightened by it. We've brought these articles together to shed light on variations not only in rates of economicdevelopment around the world, but also in its character. PODCAST: Pakistan - The Huge Challenges Facing Its Next Government General elections are due to be held in Pakistan later this year. In this podcast, Dr Kamal Munirof Cambridge Judge Business School talks about the huge
When the going gets tough, you might be forgiven for thinking it's best to reduce spendingon advertising.After all, isn't the kind of customer who can be persuaded to purchase by a cheeky promotionwhen prosperous also the one most likely to postpone that buy when pinching their pennies?In other words, won't they be the least committed and the first to make themselves unavailable? And anyway, shouldn't you be more focused on shaving down costs, rather than splurging across glossy mags? Not so, says Vincent-Wayne
To get the most out of using social media, companies first need to understand why people use it. And that's been the focus of work by Professor Olivier Toubia, an expert in new product development at Columbia Business School. Twitter is unique among the most popular social media platforms in that it's possible to follow another user without them having to follow you back. Toubia says this makes Twitter perfect for studying how we now use social media to gain

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March 28, 2012
In these articles, thought leaders from top business schools assess the impact social media is having on business. They look at the effectiveness of social media marketing, of course, and also examine howsocial media is affecting financial reporting and investor relations. Plus, just how valuable are our social media networks when it comes to giving us feedback? Twitter: Why People Use It and What Its Future Might Hold Olivier Toubia of Columbia Business School believes that people use Twitter as
Michael Zhang of Hong Kong UST Business School looks at the way social media is changing the disclosure of company information. Overall, it's shifting information power away frommanagers, he says. HONG KONG UST BUSINESS SCHOOL - One of the great benefits of social media is that more information is brought into the publicdomain. But for managers this may not be such a good thing because it also means they have a weaker advantage in deciding when to disclose information. How

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